"Let us affirm what seems to be the truth, that, whether one is or is not, one and the others in relation to themselves and one another, all of them, in every way, are and are not, and appear to be and appear not to be. "-- Plato,
Dialogues, Parmenides.

83, 1121.

Trevor takes Whiskers out for a walk, after requesting that the giant rat not speak out in public since that tends to freak people out. They go out and a snazzily dressed man approaches and is very interested in Trevor's "dog. A terrier, isn't it? Yes, I'm something of an expert on animals, you know." The man wants to purchase the "dog", but Trevor isn't selling, even after Whiskers points out that he's "not a dog, I'm a rat". When the fop finds out that the animal can speak, he really wants it, and offers Trevor $1500 Solars for it, but still Trevor doesn't accept. (He must have a weakness for giant talking rats or something.) The fop informs Trevor that "I'm used to getting what I want. You'd be advised to accept my offer." The usual threats of going to the authorities about the geneered creature, and the looming heavy named Bruno don't work, and Trevor and Whiskers leave.

While on the slidewalk, a buxom red-head on very high heels totters directly into Trevor, colliding with him. She apologizes and starts to leave, but Trevor, being a former cop, immediately figures this is a bump and run. Sure enough, no wallet. Trevor: "Hey! Come back here with my wallet!" The red-head kicks off the high heels and takes off running. Trevor tries to sic Whiskers on the girl, evidently forgetting that Whiskers is not a dog. Trevor: "Whiskers, that girl took my wallet, go after her." Oh, that's different. Off goes the rat, running through the crowd at first, then taking to the upper street lights. He finally drops onto the girl from above (she certainly wasn't expecting that), and trying to search her for Trevor's wallet. She fights back, and Whiskers finds a belt bag full of wallets, but doesn't know which one is Trevor's. Speaking of Trevor, he catches up to the struggle, and pulls the girl up. He also sees the bag, and removes his wallet as the police approach. Trevor: "I'm letting you go, but you owe me. Meet me at the Sundowner Pub at 5 o'clock." She takes off.

The police are told it was a misunderstanding, and that the girl fell. Since no one else says otherwise, they're not going to press it. Malcolm, who witnessed the whole amusing incident, comes over to say hello to Trevor. Trevor: "Hey, are you tired of causing trouble on this arcology and want to try out another one? I'm going to the Rainbow Commune tomorrow." Malcolm: "I'm game. <looking at Trevor's bruises> So, was the husband very big, or what?" Trevor: "Well, there was an injured woman and some men who were trying to hustle her off the slidewalk and do God knows what to her, and well...A word to the wise: if you ever buy a baseball bat make sure it doesn't have a safety sticker on it." Malcolm: "That's good to know."

Whiskers has gotten bored and wanders over to a nearby air vent to check out something sparkly. It's a bracelet of some sort, behind the vent. He sticks his tail in, to try to reach what is apparently a diamond tennis bracelet. After almost hitting the fan blades, he manages to hook the bracelet out of the vent, along with some white sticks. He picks up the bracelet and the sticks and carries them over to where Trevor is still being boring, talking to the other man. Whiskers begins tugging for attention on Trevor's sleeve. When Trevor stops and looks, Whiskers holds the items up for view. It looks like half an ulnar and radius, with a bracelet on it. How interesting. Both Trevor and Malcolm recognize the white sticks as human bones. Malcolm: "This is looking more and more like home!" Trevor: "Where did you find that?" Whiskers: "Over in the air vent." He shows him where it was found. Trevor asks Malcolm to please take Whiskers back to Trevor's apartment so the police don't see the gnaw marks on the arm bones and leap to the wrong conclusion. Trevor will call the police about the find, while Malcolm take Whiskers back; Trevor gives Malcolm his key.

Gabrielle is pacing in the empty apartment, unable to even unlock the furniture. The apartment isn't heated, which isn't too bad, but there's no power or water. (If they left the power and water on, some one might use it.) There is an emergency light so she wouldn't trip on anything if there was anything to trip on. She is able to find some bubble wrap to sleep on, but that's it. Not having anything else to do, she occasionally looks out the large peephole into the hallway outside. "It's dark, it's boring, I can't unlock the furniture, my hand hurts, and now I'm seeing some kind of giant worm hopping down the hallway." She doesn't know it's Whiskers (or the upper part, distorted by the peephole), but then sees a very familiar Imperial guy pause outside the door for a few seconds. He's trouble, but he does have medical skill, and Gabrielle is not feeling well and hasn't eaten anything since the stale cheese and crackers snack she found in the apartment, and her hand is really hurting. She opens the door just a crack, sees a huge furred thing (Whiskers) and shuts the door but quick. It doesn't matter if it's a real giant rat or a hallucinated giant rat, she doesn't like it.

Whiskers smells the cheese snack [very powerful nose], and a girl, and rubber, and fish or a lake or something. Like there's a girl in that apartment who's been swimming in a lake and has cheese snacks (the important thing here). Malcolm notices Whiskers has alerted to something and can't believe he's asking a giant rat "What's wrong?" Whiskers decides to knock on the door, after telling Malcolm he saw "a girl". Gabrielle doesn't answer the door, which has a sign on it that says "For lease". Whiskers messes with the rental lock box (very secure, yes indeed) and the door pops open. Gabrielle dashes behind the bathroom privacy screen as she hears the front door opening. Whiskers goes in, and finds one of the remaining cheese snacks, which he eats. Then he goes off in search of more, with a somewhat concerned Malcolm in tow.

Gabrielle is behind the screen, on the toilet, when Whiskers pulls on the screen door, unlocking it. That same strange tachyphasic feeling hits Gabrielle again, as if everything but her is in slow motion. She panics, ripping the privacy screen out of the wall, 9 inch long retaining bolts and all, sending the rodent sailing against the back wall. Whiskers hits his head really hard. The adrenaline kicking in evidently set the drug off again in Gabrielle's system (or at least that's one explanation), so Malcolm sees a very wild-eyed, but familiar-looking female with bulging biceps and the aluminum handle of the door crushed in her hand. (The already broken hand - this is going to make things worse.) Malcolm: "Gabrielle??" Everything is still moving in slow motion, and the voices sound odd and far away when the rodent asks Malcolm to check out his head because he's bleeding a bit. Malcolm keeps an eye on Gabrielle, while carefully gathering up a handful of Whiskers' jumpsuit, and then backing away slowly with the rat before dashing out of the apartment. Gabrielle is left in the dark again.

Malcolm takes Whiskers into Trevor's apartment, patches him up, and gives him some medicine and food. This makes Whiskers sleepy, so he lays down for a nap. Malcolm sets up some of his fiber optic equipment so that he can look out of the peephole, around the corner, and towards the door with the scary woman inside.

Mitchell has taken his new golf clubs to a high tech driving range to shoot a bucket of balls. Lots of upper level business men and women, doing deals, networking, and shopping for fresh meat. There is the full range of players in the synthetic driving range, and Mitchell is somewhere in the middle. When he's done, he looks to sign up to play on the actual course. There's the nice golf course ($200 Solars green fees), and the flipping nice golf course ($400 Solars green fees). Or he could join the private golf course for $25000 and $5000 Solars a year. Right. He's going to need a job if he's going to become a golf player. Mitchell will skip the course for now, but he does check into getting lessons, from a real person, at $100 Solars for five lessons. Now that he'll do. He doesn't have a preference for male or female or whatever, he just wants a good teacher. After some discussion, he can get his first lesson at 2:00 p.m., with Cindy. It's lunch time, so he stays and eats lunch at the golf club, listening to the people talk about their golf swing or new clubs or "that dick up in accounting". Nothing really interesting.

Mitchell goes out with his instructor, Cindy. She's obviously really into the game, and does it for the love of it, and for a little extra money. She's a rough and ready, outdoorsy kind of girl. They use up an hour, and Cindy is able to pick up on Mitchell's weaknesses and strengths. One of the men in an adjoining golfing booth brings up the "death by golf ball", which takes on a life of it's own as stories are traded about how "I heard he was hit in the head and it went right through his head", "well I heard it hit him in the back of the head and his eyeballs popped out", and etc. Mitchell doesn't go out of his way to clear up the misunderstandings and rumors.

Mitchell goes by McNaughton's place after he leaves, but the captain is out at "some sort of gathering". Mitchell: "Could you take a message for him?" Servant: "Of course sir." Mitchell: "Tell him we have a lead." Servant: "Anything else, sir?" Mitchell: "No, but if he doesn't hear from me for a couple of days, not to worry." Then he picks up a "Help Wanted" sheet and heads over to tell Trevor he's left a message for McNaughton.

Gabrielle calms down after a while, feeling very tired, and emotionally fragile. Her hand hurts even more, and she can't stop crying. She lays down and curls up in the bubblewrap. Across the hall, a while later, the rat is safely asleep, so Malcolm puts together a sandwich, puts it onto a plate, and rings Gabrielle's doorbell. She wakes up, cold and damp - she's evidently been sweating, and is feeling awful. Not really coherent yet, she gets up and goes to the door automatically. Her stomach is protesting that she hasn't eaten in about six months when she opens to door to find a vaguely familiar-looking sophant with this magnificent, huge sandwich. Malcolm: "Hey sugar, I've got something to wash it down with at my place." Mitchell sees Malcolm's back and hears the comment, but doesn't see the sandwich. Mitchell: "You know, we've got facilities for that sort of entertainment." The female Mitchell sees looks like hell - dark circles under her eyes, etc., and in a supposedly unoccupied apartment. Malcolm: "Hello. I'm just trying to help out a lady in trouble here." Mitchell: "Well if she's staying there, she's staying there illegally. We have the dole for that." Gabrielle doesn't really hear the conversation, she just snatches the sandwich and wolfs it down. Mitchell: "What exactly are you doing here, besides feeding this vagrant? And why shouldn't I call the police?" Malcolm: "Her condition may be because you hit her. Come on Gabrielle..." Mitchell now recognizes Gabrielle, and has seen people coming off drugs before, so he makes a few assumptions. Mitchell: "I'm calling the police, she's needs a doctor." Gabrielle: "No, please. I don't have any papers, I can't." Mitchell: "What happened to your papers?" Gabrielle: "Jacked." Mitchell: <to Malcolm> "What are you doing here??" Malcolm: "I'm ratsitting." Mitchell: "You're ratsitting? For Trevor?" Either that or there are more people around here in need of ratsitters, which doesn't bear considering. They decide to get Gabrielle out of the vacant apartment, and into Trevor's. (Well, he's not there to protest!)

Mitchell: "When they jacked your ID, did they take anything else? Your apartment?" Gabrielle: "Everything." After a brief moment of concern when Malcolm realizes he left the key inside the apartment, Whiskers lets Malcolm in, then goes back to a nap. Malcolm examines Gabrielle quickly, finding her injuries (hand, arm, etc.), and that she's obviously had some rudimentary medical help. While Malcolm is playing medic, Mitchell calls emergency services to tell them there is an injured person in need of help. MedTech: "Right sir. Remain calm, we have personnel on the way. Now, go to the kitchen cupboard on the bottom left and open it. There will be an orange packet. Take it over beside the victim." Mitchell does as he's told. MedTech: "Okay, you're in 369 Green/Grey, Section 3, Area 4. Open up the packet, and there's a tape-like device. Put it on her upper arm, whichever one is undamaged, and the equipment will do the rest." Malcolm puts it on Gabrielle's right bicep. EMS calls directly, to reassure the people that everything is under control. The police speak to Mitchell, as they are looking into the room over the apartment cameras, and he tells them that the girl had told them her identity had been 'jacked." Oh really?

Mere minutes later, a couple of ambulance people show up, with a doctor and several cops. Mitchell waits in the kitchen area, to stay out of the way. The emergency services people go over to Gabrielle, while the cops get statements from Mitchell and Malcolm (edited so that the rat is just a pet, and that Gabrielle looked starved and frightened). Paramedic: "Sir, I think you should take a look at this." The paramedic shows something on a screen to the cop, who responds with "Good God, get this thing out of here". Malcolm sneaks a look at the readout on the gurney, which appears to qualify Gabrielle as an Artificial Person. What the...? Cop: <to Mitchell> "Captain? With your permission, we'd like to have one of our drivers take you to the station. I'm just a street cop, and you really should speak with a detective, given some of the facts of this case." Mitchell: "Of course. She is going to get some medical attention?" Cop: "It's an AP, sir. I assume it will be turned over to SolSec for study." Malcolm: "She didn't show up as an AP when she was in your hospital a couple of days ago." Cop: "I can't say anything about that sir. Assuming it's the same person."

There is some debate over the identity of the girl/AP, and the police decide to resolve it by taking Malcolm to Gabrielle Vanek's apartment, where Miss Vanek (or some one who looks just like her) answers the door, and is only too happy to cooperate with the authorities. Cop: "Well sir, is this the woman you met?" Malcolm: "I'd say this was the lady I took to that small German place." Malcolm is looking for a reaction, knowing it was an oriental restaurant. Female: "I'm sorry, my memory's still a bit spotty. They said it was because of the therapeutic drugs. But is nice to see you again." Cop: "Thank you for your cooperation, Miss." That settled, Malcolm and Mitchell go off with the police, to assist in the investigation.

Some time later, Gabrielle comes to, feeling very cold; she'd evidently been sedated. As she wakes up, she realizes she's so cold because she's buck naked, and in a big, empty, white room. She backs into the nearest corner, more terrified by this than anything else that's happened, pulling her knees up. "She's going for the corner. Interesting."

On a slightly different timetable, in the police station, a female SolSec officer enters the interview room where Mitchell has been waiting. Major Hauks: "Ah, Captain. Pleasure to meet you. Can I get you anything? Coffee, perhaps?" Mitchell: "Coffee would be nice, thank you." Major Hauks: "Coffee." She snaps her fingers, and a cop leaps into action. The Major has dark, short hair, grey eyes, and is very attractive in her perfectly tailored uniform. Major Hauks: "So, we just want to clear some things up, as you can understand." Mitchell: "Of course, with AP's running around." Major Hauks: "We'll be relying on your discretion, since we naturally do not want the general public unduly concerned about this. I know I can count on you as a loyal Solomani citizen, and a former Naval officer." Mitchell is questioned about the "construct", but he only saw her a couple of times, and he can't honestly be certain when he saw the construct or the real girl. Mitchell and the major have a lengthy conversation.

Eventually, the Major wants to chat with Malcolm, as well. Major Hauks: "In your own words, please tell us how you first encountered the subject known as.." She looks at a file. Malcolm: "Gabrielle." Major Hauks: "Yes, Gabrielle. Allow me to be frank with you. We are very, very concerned. Even your own government has serious concerns about constructs, and here we have one that has evidently been constructed to take the place of a loyal Solomani citizen." Malcolm: "Assuming of course you have the right one."

An officer comes into the room, and whispers something to the Major. Major Hauks: "What, are you sure? Damn! Could you excuse me a moment?" Malcolm: "Of course." He watches her leave, appreciatively. There's a somewhat intense conversation in the hallway, but Malcolm can't hear it, and there's nothing to read while he's sitting in the uncomfortable chair, for interrogation purposes, one each. [Another fine product of Ubiquitous, LIC.] The Major comes back in, looking unhappy. Major: "We have no more need of your assistance at this time, although we do appreciate your cooperation. One of my men will drive you back to your lodging." Malcolm: "Not at all. By the way, green looks very good on you." The Major, moving incredibly quickly, brings her hand up for a throat strike but changes it into a brush on her hair. When Malcolm passes her, she cops a feel of his rump. Well.

As Malcolm's leaving, a male in a beautiful suit comes in - tall, good-looking, rugged, middle-aged - he brushes past Malcolm, looks at the Major and says "Sorry I'm late dear." Ah, the Major's other half?? He looks vaguely familiar to Malcolm, but then a gain, everyone here is starting to look vaguely familiar!

84, 1121.

Gabrielle doesn't know how long she's been in the white room, huddled in the corner, when several people in white coats come into the room, with blankets, and a robe. Doctor: "Miss Vanek?" Gabrielle: <hesitantly> "Yes...Where am I?" Doctor: "You're in a hospital, and there are some people here who would like to speak with you, when you feel up to it." She's wrapped in a big, warm, fluffy robe, carefully placed on a gurney, and taken out of the horrible white room, so she's not about to argue.

She eventually wakes up feeling fluffy, and sort of detached from her body, but in a nice way. She's in a pale blue room with a soothing background, lovely plants, soft music. And nothing hurts! Several doctors and police officers show up for her to sign a medical release, and apologize for "any misunderstanding." It's all very awkward, and they want to make everything all right, and they've cut her a draft for $1,000 Solars by way of an apology. Apology accepted. They've generated new ID for her. Everyone is very apologetic, and want Gabrielle to know that "your government cares about you". People will be rounded up, and she will be contacted by the authorities in the future. And damn straight she agrees to testify, especially against Cat. Of course at this point, Gabrielle would agree to anything to avoid going back to the white room.

Malcolm is called by the police and notified that his friend is being released from the hospital, and they thank him for his tip about the other person. Malcolm is told that the AP tags in Gabrielle's bloodstream, on closer examination, were artificially introduced into her bloodstream, and did not re-generate in the lab tests, as they would in an AP. At least, that's the story Malcolm gets.

Gabrielle isn't told anything about AP tags, and is very reluctant to ask questions, but she can, of course, see a counselor whenever she wishes. And a nice policeman drives her home and sees her to her door. My Lord, but they're helpful now. Mitchell shows up to make sure Gabrielle made it home okay, and Malcolm has gone back to Trevor's apartment to see if the rat, conspicuously absent when the police were there, has come back, which it has. (There were too many strangers in the apartment, so the rat darted into the ventilation system, squeezing through a hole much smaller than he should have been able to fit through.)

Mitchell shows up at Gabrielle's door, shortly after she gets home, and she lets him in. Mitchell: "Miss Vanek. I hope you at least remember who I am?" Gabrielle: "Yes, we keep running into each other." Mitchell: "Have they taken care of everything for you? Is everything all right?" Gabrielle: "Yes, thank you." Mitchell: "Did they get you back your ID?" Gabrielle: "Yes." Mitchell: "Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing the right people." Gabrielle: "When we first ran into each other, I'd just arrived. I'm afraid I haven't had time to meet the right people." Mitchell: "I haven't been here long myself, but I've been fortunate enough to have contacts. Is there anything you need? Oh, and by the way, I've recently found out that if some one comes up to you and calls you 'Boony', it's not derogatory - it just means you're from out of town. Do you have enough groceries?" Gabrielle: "Actually, I just got back, and I haven't had a chance to do any shopping." Mitchell: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have intruded." Gabrielle: "Not at all, please." She dials up chairs, as the doorbell rings.

It's Malcolm at the door, and he's brought bread, fruit, cheese, wine, etc.; dinner stuff. Malcolm: "Hello, sugar. I brought you a welcome home basket. <walking in and seeing Mitchell> Well, hello again." Mitchell: <to Gabrielle> "I didn't know you were expecting company, or I wouldn't have intruded." Gabrielle: "I wasn't expecting anyone." Mitchell: "Any way, I do have some business in the morning, so I must be off. Here is my card though, and if I can help with anything, please don't hesitate to give me a call. I do have some connections here." He shakes Malcolm's hand, and leaves.

Mitchell goes to Woodward's, on the off chance that McNaughton's there, which he is. A message is delivered, and McNaughton comes out to get Mitchell. He introduces him to a number of other recently retired Naval officers. McNaughton: "Won't you join us?" A couple of the people look quizzically at McNaughton, but he gives them a glance back that seems to settle the group down. All the people in the party are captains and above who have excellent military backgrounds, and who have been recently "eased out", due to political issues. McNaughton: "We were just discussing the current situation of the Naval Secretariat. Given your recent experiences, wouldn't you agree that the upper echelons are being influenced unduly by SolSec and the political agendas of the government?" Mitchell is noncommittal. Admiral Carruthers: "It's deleterious to the Federation that good officers are being pushed aside because their political profiles don't match the current standard. Don't you agree captain?" Mitchell: "Yes, of course." Admiral: "Something should be done about it. And that's going to take action on the part of people like us." McNaughton: "We're all gentlemen of good reputation. Perhaps we should adjourn to dinner?" Admiral: "Orban has to go. He and his party boys are out of control. With the armed forces behind us, he wouldn't have any choice but to step down. He's replacing good officers with his pet sycophants, but if enough of the ranking Navy officers were to have, say , a work stoppage, he'd have to pay attention." Captain Blake: "Admiral..." Admiral: "Oh admit it. Everyone in this group is lucky to have been allowed to retire, and not be reconditioned or imprisoned, and we all know it." It's decided to continue this discussion after a fine meal.

Post-dinner, the only barely legal conversation continues in the same vein. There is much questioning of loyalty, and to whom, politics, and a discussion of what if anything can be done by men who are, to a certain extent, hampered by their honor. McNaughton: "Well, this conversation is getting far too political, so I will be calling it a night." Mitchell: "If I may sir, did you get my message?" McNaughton: "Yes. What's your next move?" Mitchell: "We're meeting with someone tomorrow." McNaughton: "Good. I have the utmost faith in you." McNaughton leaves, but Mitchell returns to the group.

Admiral Carruthers: "Well, Captain Taylor. I see you have some more fire in your belly than McNaughton. No disrespect meant." Mitchell: "Captain McNaughton has some personal issues to deal with right now." Admiral: <gesturing towards a box of real cigars> "Care to break the law?" Mitchell takes one, responding "I thought we were already." Brandy and cigars are enjoyed, amid much grousing, and the salt and pepper shakers eventually come out, so the Navy types can get into the serious reminiscing. Before Mitchell leaves, he asks the hostess, Lily, after Françoise, who is not working this evening. Lily: "She'll be crushed that she missed you. She told me all about you." Eyes are batted. Lily gets off in an hour, "if you're interested". Mitchell is definitely interested, and waits. As he walks outside with Lily a car pulls up. The driver's door opens and the driver gets out and leans over the hood. It's Major Hauks, in nicely tailored civilian clothing. She looks at Lily and says "You'll have to take a rain check honey, he's otherwise engaged." She indicates her wedding band and motions to shoo off Lily, who glares at her and leaves.

Major Hauks: "Care to join me for a drive?" Mitchell: <getting in> "I might as well, since my date appears to have been scared off by my 'wife'." Major Hauks: "Sorry about that, but it did save time. Besides, you wouldn't have liked her." Mitchell: "Why?" Major Hauks: "I understand she just lays there." And she would know this, how...? Knowing better than to ask dumb questions like that, Mitchell ignores that last bit. Mitchell: "So, Major, what can I do for you?" Major Hauks: "Oh please, we're off duty. Besides, where we're going I'd rather you didn't use my rank." Mitchell: "What should I call you then?" Major Hauks: "Tabitha." Meow!

They go to a nice club, dinner and dancing. Tabitha: "So, how are things going? Were you able to make contact?" Mitchell: "I was able to make contact. It went well." Tabitha: "I don't mean to rush you, but I believe that some one else in my department has taken an interest." Mitchell: "I'm sure I can arrange for another meeting." Tabitha: "Excellent. We'll need to be careful though. Do not make contact with anyone else but me directly." She puts her hands on either side of his face and there's a stinging sensation. Mitchell: "What was that??" Tabitha: "I wanted to be sure that no one could eavesdrop." She has apparently just disabled (or so she says) the mastoid implant she had earlier arranged for Mitchell to get. Tabitha: "Just in case. This is too important to leave anything to chance. Leave the politics to me. Your job is to find out who she's going to meet with, what her mission is. You need to gain her trust. Use your masculine wiles. I'm sure you can be devilishly charming when you want to be." Mitchell: "I've been known to turn on the charm occasionally." Tabitha: "I'm sure you have. Never been married, several dozen liaisons..." She rattles off several personal tidbits. Mitchell corrects a couple of errors, since he is a stickler for correct details. Mitchell is concerned about this Malcolm Edwards person - he keeps showing up, and around Gabrielle - is it a coincidence? Tabitha: "Don't wonder, find out." Tabitha will help with the intel gathering, but they will have to meet secretly. The plan is to pretend that Tabitha and Mitchell are having an illicit affair, so secret phone calls and clandestine meetings will seem innocuous enough. Mitchell is a bit concerned about Mr. Hauks' reaction to this. Tabitha: "My husband and I have not shared a physical relationship in several years. Let us say I am no longer to his taste, in that area. Let me make this clear. This is a purely business relationship. Once this is over..." She shrugs. Mitchell: "Assuming I haven't been killed." Tabitha: "Assuming you haven't been killed. Ours is tricky business. This is a very serious situation. It's extremely dangerous. I would understand if you want to change your mind. It's not too late." Mitchell: "I'm surprised you'd even ask. You know my record..." Tabitha: "Of course. I didn't expect you to take me up on it, but I did have to offer." The fake lovers part company, she skips outside and leaves.

Mitchell has no problem finding a replacement partner for the evening, in fact, he gets several offers. This is evidently a very friendly place! He doesn't leave with the first girl who offers, he wants to stay for a while and goes to the bar. Bartender: "Looks like you're doing well tonight, sir. That's why I like working here. You know when someone comes in here, they'll leave with some one and will be happy for at least a few hours." Mitchell: "Isn't that what life's about?" Chuck the Bartender: "Absolutely!" Mitchell plays a dice game with Chuck, and uses the rolls to decide who he takes home. It's lucky Ms. Four. No entanglements, everyone gets what they're after.

Meanwhile, back at Gabrielle's little apartment. Malcolm: "I didn't come at a bad time did I?" Gabrielle: "No, I just got here." Malcolm: "How are you feeling?" Gabrielle: "I'm feeling a lot better. I'm still a bit confused, but..." Malcolm: "Whoever it was, was a very nasty person." Gabrielle: "It was the bitch from the café. And her friends." Malcolm: "And her friends. Did you ever see her out of her paint?" Gabrielle: "Yes." She gives him a description, as Malcolm is concerned about running into her again himself. Malcolm: "As long as you're sure you're okay. That's what all this was about." Gabrielle: "I don't really want to talk about that." Dinner is shared. Malcolm: "So, where have you been before coming here?" Gabrielle: "I'm from Acquitaine." Malcolm: "For some reason I feel like calling you Eleanor." Gabrielle: "What on earth are you doing here?" Malcolm: "Do you want to know the real reason?" Gabrielle: "I'm not sure..." Malcolm: "One morning I woke up, in uniform, 42 years old, and I realized I'd never been 22. I finally said I was tired of training people, and took the first thing out. I ended up all the way here. I've probably been on over a hundred planets, and the women just keep getting younger and prettier. I can't go much further, I'll die." Right. Gabrielle did not just fall off the turnip truck. But, Malcolm is being a gentleman, and leaves Gabrielle alone this evening, which she really appreciates. At least for tonight. Malcolm crashes across the hall in Trevor's place. With the giant rat. Malcolm did promise to go to Rainbow Commune with Trevor in the morning. Should be entertaining.