Gabrielle Vanek

Born on Aquitaine/CAPELLA, a planet with old world manners and traditions, the Vanek family had strong ties to the previous rulers. After the ascendance of the current Queen Marie, things became more difficult, and Gabrielle has been fending for herself for some time. After the unfortunate death of a "friend" she was "visiting" (wife showed up unexpectedly, bad ticker...), Gabrielle found herself hustled off Aquitaine with the clothes on her back and a ticket, and onto the first ship leaving. Literally. (The late friend was a high-ranking Party member, and Gabrielle was a potential embarassment.)

Since arriving on Vantage's Freemantle Arcology, Gabrielle has discovered what the expression "fish out of water" really means. She's been in search of some sort of connection or patron, but instead has found deranged punks, crazed assassins, SolSec agents, tripped-out tongs, talking dolphins, plots, sub-plots, and an assortment of rude and unpleasant individuals; not to mention all the blood. Trevor Cavernon, Mitchell Taylor, and Malcolm Edwards seem like nice men, but they attract the attention of the authorities and people with guns, and they're not terribly good prospects. What's a girl to do?

Apparently, travel to Rainbow Commune and catch the fancy of a charming, powerful, and dangerous man with an absolute faith in the Solomani Confederation, and a very volatile temper.

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