Mitchell Alexander Taylor
Captain, Ret. (Solomani Navy)

Mitchell Alexander Taylor
Captain Taylor is what all Solomani strive for. A respected Naval commander and ship combat tactitian, patriot.
Mitchell graduated in the top 10% of his class in the Naval Academy.
During his academy days he was known as a hard working and studious. Mitchell played power forward for the Navy Gravball team as well. After graduation he attended flight school and found that he had a natural talent for piloting a starship.

During his second year in the Navy Mitch was assigned to a strike mission. Piloting a relatively minor vessel in the fleet. The captain was determined to gain some measure of glory for the fleet. In so doing placed not only his ship, but his crew in danger. The end result of this action was that Mitch found himself in command. Thus gaining him a reputation as a take charge sort of guy. Mitchell made every effort to bring the ship and remaining crew back to the main fleet.
So impressed were his commanders that Mitchell was awarded his first Solomani Starburst and a promotion to Sublieutenant.
During the last year of Mitchell's first term, Commodore Nesse of the strike fleet was elected to a party delegation. In an unusual move the admiral decided to take Mitchell with him as his party secretary. This went well and Mitchell reenlisted and began his second term in the navy,

His fifth year in the navy. Mitchell found that he was not well received by his new commander, (possibly due to his association with his former commander) He was not given a command but was again delegated the duty of pilot.
Mitchell spent his 7th year in the navy as attache to Admiral Nesse. Things were starting to look good again.
Mitchell's eighth year of service was served as pilot to a major vessel in a battle fleet. Here he again showed his natural talent for remaining calm under fire. His captain put him up for his first Order of Sol for piloting the ship out of an englobement maneuver being attempted by the enemy fleet. Thus allowing the Solomani fleet to break the englobement and smash the enemy.

Mitchell’s 3rd term started with him assigned to a major vessel in a strike fleet. Mitchell sees the beginning of a pattern evolving. During this mission, Mitchell’s C.O. was badly injured and he was once more in the center seat. Mitchell not only proves his worth as a ship commander but also as a ship to ship combat tactician. The result was that Mitchell was awarded his second Solomani Starburst and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Having proved his worth once again. Mitchell was assigned to a small strike force. When the captain and several of the command staff of one of the other ships were lost Mitchell was ordered to take command of the badly damaged vessel.
The most important mission for him on this assignment was throwing an occupying force from a border colony. As a reward for a successful mission he was awarded his second Order of Sol.
Mitchell’s naval career took a significant turn during the third year of this term. This was the year he was given command of a fleet destroyer. In a series of pitched battles Mitchell saw opportunities to turn the tide of battle... and he took them. Not always pleasing the fleet admirals. But his determination to turn stalemates or outright defeats into victorious engagements showed the admirals that he was extremely talented and not afraid of stacked odds. Mitchell’s staff and crew were always brought out of even the most hideous of battles. This more than anything is what most people who served under him remembered. His ability to lead and bring his crew and ship out of the fray. Not always completely intact but always home. Mitchell was awarded his third Solomani Starburst.
Mitchell reenlisted.

Mitchell’s 4th term started with a command assignment. He was once again in charge of a destroyer on a battle assignment. Although the enemy ships were not as well equipped as Mitchell’s he was never the less determined to show he was effective and efficient in his command. Not a single ship was lost during this assignment. It was during this term when Mitchell gained the nickname of “Tugboat Taylor”. Although no one ever called him that to his face. He got this nickname because of on incident where a support vessel in the battle fleet had lost its drives, and many of its crew due to a critical drive hit by enemy fire. Because it was at a point in the combat engagement where sending rescue vessels would have been costly. They were not able to recover the crew of the badly damaged vessel. Instead of abandoning the vessel Mitchell gave the order to recover the ship and tow it out of fire zone. Risking his own destroyer he and his engineers devised a way to grapple the drifting ship and tow it to safety, where other support vessels could take care of it.
Mitchell’s next assignment was another strike assignment. He was placed in command again as well. Mitchell's assignment was successful of course and the enemy intruders were dispatched. Mitchell was promoted to full Commander.

This was to be Mitchell’s 4th Battle assignment and once again he was given command of a destroyer. This was an important mission assignment due to a border incursion by several enemy ships into Solomani space. Although they denied that it was a planned incursion. Mitchell and the other ships of the fleet were dispatched to throw the intruders back over the border. It was a very long and drawn out battle. Mitchell’s ship was heavily damaged and many of the crew were killed or badly wounded. This was, in Mitchell’s mind the worst he had ever gotten in a pitched battle. But determined as ever to pull a victory out this mess, Mitchell ordered the the maneuver drives powered up to full acceleration. Shearing through the heaviest enemy fire. As his ship was passing under the enemy ship Mitchell ordered all remaining batteries fired. Fortunately Mitchell’s ship was moving fast enough that the resultant explosion of critical hit on the enemy ships jump drives only further damaged his ship and crew. However the enemy battleship was destroyed. Mitchell’s ships power plant had been slagged at this point and for the first time in his career Mitchell had to give the order to abandon ship. No one commented when Mitchell didn't follow his crew to the escape pods. No one knew that Mitchell was severely injured and couldn't get to a pod. Only later when the fleet engineers came to inspect the damage did they find Mitchell. Nearly dead from loss of blood and exposure. He was immediately taken to a medical ship and had his wounds treated. The battle having been won, Mitchell was awarded a Blood Crest, and his first Banner of Terra.

The following year Mitchell was commanding another destroyer. The enemy fleet wanted to take last years victory away from the Solomani... With a vengeance. With a small fleet they crossed the border and engaged the fleet Mitchell was assigned to. The battle was fierce. It was also respectively short. In a matter of a few hours The Solomani battle fleet was decimated. Mitchell’s destroyer was the only ship still operational. Using his skill and experience he outmaneuvered the invading fleet for several more hours. At one point it appeared that the enemy fleet would finally catch the destroyer. But they were disappointed as Mitchell ordered an emergency jump. The end result was that Mitchell and his ship survived. Through blind luck the destroyer managed to exit jump near a Solomani naval base which was not very far from the enemy fleet The based ships were immediately deployed and the enemy ships were destroyed. Mitchell was seriously wounded during the emergency jump. He was awarded another Blood Crest and a second Banner of Terra for his endeavors to save his ship and crew.

Mitchell's 5th term of service began with a stint in intelligence school. Then it was off on a strike assignment, where he was awarded his 4th Solomani Starburst. During the third year of this term Mitchell was elected to the Party Congress. His heroism and staunch patriotism were thought to have been his downfall. Admiral Nesse had asked him to join him on a major political issue. Mitchell, of course agreed. Needless to say the issue was resolved and Admiral Nesse was disgraced. Mitchell was allowed to finish his 5th term only to be retired.

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