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This page is for the use of the Referee or designate to maintain notes on the current game or campaign. Check here for what's been happening. Please note: When our evil GM takes a rest, the emergency backup GM will be indicated with green type.

5 Jan 01 - Another thrilling episode of As Regina Rotates! Haute cuisine, higher learning, explosions, the usual. <Alternate GM>

13 Jan 01 - Fascinating local fauna, but watch out for those fangs and claws. <Alternate GM>

26 Jan 01 - Just the facts, ma'am. <Alternate GM>

11 May 01 - El Fahaz: Back in the Marches again. <Alternate GM>

18 May 01 - El Fahaz: Everybody comes to the Metropol. <Alternate GM>

20 May 01 - El Fahaz: The scavenger hunt continues. <Alternate GM>

25 May 01 - El Fahaz: Scorecards would be useful here, or maybe a social secretary. <Alternate GM>

01 June 01 - Menorb: Different starting points, different motives, all roads lead to Menorb.

02 June 01 - Menorb: The trip takes an unexpected and decidedly unpleasant turn.

08 June 01 - El Fahaz: Oh, so that's what all this was about! <Alternate GM>

30 June 01 - Menorb: The party continues to search for a way to rescue the missing Amanda.

01 July 01 - Menorb: Time for new friends. Or at least associates.

11 Aug 01 - Menorb: Getting down to the nitty-gritty.

28 Sept 01 - Menorb: Finally, safe on Boughene. Or is it?

29 Sept 01 - Menorb: Unpleasant questions, unpleasant answers.

20 Oct 01 - Menorb: There's no backing out now.

21 Oct 01 - Menorb: The thrilling conclusion. (No, really.)

17 Nov 01 - Extolay: You can go home again, but it's never easy. A one-nighter!! <<Alternative GM>>

14 Dec 01 - From X to R(egina): Robert, Ariana, Kaeth, and friends make it back to Regina. Yea-rah?

15 Dec 01 - From X to R(egina): Who, what, when, where, why, and huh?

21 Dec 01 - From X to R(egina): Much leaping to conclusions, mostly wrong ones.

28 Dec 01 - From X to R(egina): Messing around with minds and memories.

29 Dec 01 - From X to R(egina): It's hard to keep track of who's who, and what's where, and... Aspirin-analog, anyone?

31 Dec 01 - Years End: The end of year tying off of loose ends, and the like.