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This page is for the use of the Referee or designate to maintain notes on the current game or campaign. Check here for what's been happening. Please note: When our evil GM takes a rest, the emergency backup GM will be indicated with green type.

1 Jan 99 - Rebecca Bach-Delgado goes in search of her missing son Treal Delgado, dragging Nicolai, Hunter, and Cena along for the romp. Skulking about followed by a massive amount of running, screaming, shooting, and burning.

16 Jan 99 - Too many people thinking with their small brains (and paying for it), covetousness abounds, Nicolai dies, Pikhans are manipulated, and no one really gets what they expected. Sort of a cross between a scavenger hunt and a French bedroom farce.

13 Feb 99 - Will Delgado, Dr. Chuck, Hunter, and Mikie get drafted to help out a lady in distress - literally. Dimension-hopping, magic, brawling, and romance.

27 Feb 99 - (Part the First.) Mikie takes Ethan and Natasha on a little "retrieve the errant child" mission. It's a simple job, pays well, should be no trouble at all.

6 Mar 99 - No gaming takes place, due to obsessive-compulsive computer tinkering by the GM.

13 Mar 99 - (Part the Second.) Mikie, Ethan, and Natasha on Cambridge, where things get a bit hot.

14 Mar 99 - (Part the Third.) Ethan flies, Natasha distracts, and the objective is obtained. Sort of. Mostly. It was a lot of trouble, forget what I said originally.

20 Mar 99 - Nathan Andrews reappears then dies again, Nicolai returns from the grave, the Palladium Group gets a new boss, Shelly gets more than she bargained for, and everyone gets really confused.

21 Mar 99 - Confusion reigns, deals are made or broken, and mostly no one knows what's the heck is going on. So what else is new? The good news is that none of the group actually gets beaten up.

27 Mar 99 - Nicolai seeks revenge, and Mikie gets a really big surprise.

3 April 99 - Tourists annoy Nicolai, and others. Bad out of towners, naughty out of towners! Wham, wham!

10 April 99 - Mr. White runs into a spot of bother, Mr. Black expresses his displeasure, Mikie tries to keep everything under control.

17 April 99 - Power plays, but not the kind that involve a puck.

24 April 99 - Plots are further developed. No one really gets beaten up, but lives are definitely changed.

1 May 99 - Once more, people insist on poking the Universe with a stick to see if it's dead. It's not. It's sleeping. And it doesn't wake up happy. Ghaer and Mikie are lightly beaten.

2 May 99 - Tea, but no sympathy.

8 May 99 - Monsters in the shadows. And out of the shadows too.

9 May 99 - Devils and deals.

15 May 99 - Khan Zephès returns with a bang right from the start. Corina publishes her call to fanaticism. It is a very long day on Regina.

16 May 99 - Additional notes on several conversations that took place outside of regular gaming but may be relevant later.

21 May 99 - "And sweet the air with curly smoke, From all my burning bridges".

22 May 99- Homecomings, mysteries, games, and visions.

23 May 99- Losses and gains. Celebrations and burials. Endings and beginnings. Deaths and second chances. You don't always get closure, but can you learn to live with it?

29 May 99- Black and Corina go out on the town, Khan gets beat up, Mikie gets some answers, and everyone gets worn out (some in more pleasant ways than others).

5 June 99- Decisions are made, Khan goes off again, major partying takes place, and Mikie and Theresa get married - finally.

6 June 99 - The lights go out, havoc ensues, bodies all over the damned place. Amor vincent omnia?

12 June 99 - Reality rears it's ugly head (except in Khan's universe). Lots of bleeding, but not by Nicolai or Mikie. Some people get what they want, others more than they bargained for.

13 June 99 - Passion, fire, betrayal, revenge?

18 June 99 - Cross, double cross, and lots of choices - none of them good.

19 June 99 - Affairs of honor and matters of the heart.

20 June 99 - Surprise guests all around.

26 June 99 - Guilt by association

3 July 99 - No gaming, due to holiday, vacations, etc.

10 July 99 - Carrots and sticks are not both supposed to be painful...

13 July 99 - Nobody Likes Rescue Missions Anymore

17 July 99 - A fresh new face appears, Mikie gets beaten up, Will gets involved, Collingwood looks for companionship, Viktor looks for a way out, and Ghaer meets many interesting people.

18 July 99 - No one knows who's behind what, or why. Suspicions are confirmed. Blood is spilled. Who benefits?

23 July 99 - Lie, inveigle, obfuscate. Hideously complicated, in a Byzantine sort of way.

24 July 99 - Intimate meetings, riots, foreshadowing, explosives, cunning plans.

29 July 99 - This Is Where It Gets Messy

31 July 99 - Very complex. Definitely a must read.

3 Aug 99 - "Death could scarce be bitterer."

4 August 99 - Damn... The bad Guy Wasn't There

7 Aug 99 - Very pivotal events take place. The beginning of the end? And for whom?

14 Aug 99 - Massive amounts of damage and mayhem, fireworks, and unwelcome surprises.

21 Aug 99 - Cleaning up loose ends, creating new ones. One door closes, another one is blown off its hinges.

28 Aug 99 - Treal Delgado gets beaten repeatedly, Ghaer gets a surprise, Mikie has an unpleasant encounter with a beautiful woman.

29 Aug 99 - Treal escapes certain death with a mere thrashing and finally gets a clue, Viktor continues his quest for information. Going out on the town has never been so stressful.

4 Sept 99 - Hostile tea luncheons, trips abroad, and the rearranging of people's lives, regardless of what they want.

5 Sept 99 - Lions, and Nobles, and Vargrs, and Sengi. Oh my.

18 Sept 99 - Corina takes care of business, Nicolai gets new playmates, Ghaer and Mikie forget that no good deed goes unpunished.

25 Sept 99 - Mother Nature gets her way. Fun and games with Chris and Pammie. It all depends on your definition of a "good time".

1 Oct 99 - Corina does some "horse trading", while carefully averting her eyes from the gift horse's parts. I meant mouth.

9 Oct 99 - Will and Bunny update, misc. stuff on Regina. No beatings, but several people are asking for it.

16 Oct 99 - In pursuit of an errant Kitty, Behrel and friends get in and out of hot water. And cold water, and swamp, and plains, ...

17 Oct 99 - A few tidbits from Regina, some hints of problems to come, the return of a sports legend, and star-crossed lovers on Rhylanor.

22 Oct 99 - Joe Lee forces the issue, with interesting (from a safe distance) results, then pops in for a visit. Notes from all over.

23 Oct 99 - A mission of mercy, intermingled with personal agendas for better or worse. Probably worse.

30 Oct 99 - The story continues, getting even more convoluted. Treal gets to be dashing though.

6 Nov 99 - More secret meetings, public encounters, hob-nobbing with the local hoi-poloi, and some slumming - but all for a good cause.

13 Nov 99 - Everything comes to a conclusion, albeit not necessarily the one people were expecting.

20 Nov 99 - Truth, justice, and the nature of evil.

21 Nov 99 - Desperate times, desperate men, desperate measures.

25 Nov 99 - Q and A with the unpleasant man in the basement.

26 Nov 99 - Mix and match.

27 Nov 99 - Fiat justitia ruat coelum. [ Let justice be done though heaven should fall ].

4 Dec 99 - Gvurrdon: Off to the Gvurrdon subsector (give or take a few rr's), where Lt. General Androchev has everything under control.

11 Dec 99 - Gvurrdon: Joe joins the merry band on Vera Cruz, where everything goes to hell. (Handbasket not included.)

17 Dec 99 - In spite of the inquest and a funeral, what passes for life on Regina continues, for some.

18 Dec 99 - Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does.

19 Dec 99 - The answers to "Who are those guys?!?", "Where's Admiral Grey?", and other pressing questions. No promises about how much anyone will like the answers though.

30 Dec 99 - In pursuit of the feral senator. Where's Marlin Perkins when you need him?

31 Dec 99 - No really, the psychic palm reader is the sane person in this episode....