The Narcoleptic Effects of Sparky’s Recliner:

It is hypothosized that the recliner known as Sparky’s recliner is not only responsible for Sparky falling asleep during our games, but also the sleepiness effects upon the GM, known as Tod.

It is well established that Sparky’s recliner has the effect of putting to sleep anyone who sits in it during our gaming sessions.

It is theorized that the recliner itself emits a sleep wave pattern that can effect others within it’s area of effect. Research shows us that the propagation of the sleep effect wave is polar and seems to be mostly directional. Our studies show that the sleep effect wave also seems to have a field of propagation approximately 5 feet from the epicenter of the recliner. See figure 1

Fig. 1

It has been noted that the effect has also had a minor effect on the GM. It is possible that when the GM moved his primary surface he moved into the effect of the wave.

It has been witnessed that before the GM moved his primary surface he was not falling asleep as often.
It is noted that the movement of the primary surface also results in the GM being positioned in such a manner that the warming radiation from an overhead bulb warms his back. This has the result of amplifying to the sleep wave field produced by Sparky’s recliner.

There is also evidence that supports the possibility that the inside painted walls have a distortion, or reflective effect on the sleep wave propagation. This causes the sleep wave to alter it’s propagation form in such a manner that it uses the painted surface to enhance it’s propagation field. This conclusion is supported by the fact that members of the gaming group have been known to fall asleep if located directly behind Sparky’s recliner.

In conclusion, it is recommended that the primary surface be moved out of the range of the sleep wave effect propagated by Sparky’s recliner. In addition the warming radiation that also provides light should be relocated so that it is nearer to the front of the GM, but not such that he is blinded. As this would result in the GM still not being able to perform his duties. Either that or the paint should be stripped from the nearby wall to reduce the sleep wave effect.

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