Noble Benefits

Noble Benefits and Privileges

Classic Traveller included provisions for noble rank as a character attribute. Unfortunately, the original rules contained no details on noble benefit. The following is a system for generating noble benefits based on social standing. Note that all benefits are cumulative. A baron rolls for his benefits as a baron and as a knight.

Example: A character with a social standing of 13 (Marquis) rolls 3d6 for his benefit as a Marquis, then 2d6 for his benefit as a baron, then 1d6 for his benefit as a knight for a total of 3 rolls.

The GM may elect to make these rolls for the player.

This system was taken from "Robe and Blaster", written by Rick D. Stuart.

Determining Noble Benefits and Privileges

Explaination of Benefits

Social Status
SOC Title d6
11 Knight 1
12 Baron 2
13 Marquis 3
14 Count 4
15 Duke 5
Benefits and Privileges
Dice Roll Result
1 Pension
2-4 Merchant House Holdings
5-7 Space Lane Carrier Holdings
8-9 Court Influence (1d6)
10-11 Ancestral Lands
12 Immediate Inheritance
13-15 Right of Free Passage
16 Cash Grant
17-18 Estates
19-20 Right of Escourt
21-24 Right to Bear Arms
25 Cash Grant (x2)
26-27 Imperial Magistrate
28-29 Court Influence (2d6)
30 Right of Immunity
Pension: Same as standard additional service pension. Roll 1d6 x Cr1000/year

Merchant House Holdings: Stock/Bomd portfolios yielding annual value of 1d6 x cr1,000 dividends. May be sold for market value.

Space Lane Carrier Holdings: As per merchant holdings except yields 2d6 x Cr10,000.

Court Influence: Used as a DM on reaction rolls as allowed by the GM. May also be used as a DM when dispensing patronage or interacting with other nobles.

Ancestral Lands: Planetary holdings held by the character in perpetuity. Roll 3d6 x Cr10,000 for value. Land yields 10-60% of the value (1d6 x 10) annually and costs 10-60% for maintenance once every four years.

Immediate Inheritance: As per abcestral lands but the character immediately receives and additional 3d6 x Cr10,000 in immediately available cash.

Right of Free Passage: Free transportation on any registered Imperial vessel. High passage on any common carrier even to the exclusion of other passengers.

Cash Grant: Imperial largess for meritorious services rendered. 1d6 x Cr100,000

Estates: Accumulation of personal properties. Roll as per ancestral lands with a value of 2d6 x Cr100,000 and costing 10-60% for maintenance annually.

Right of Escort: Right of a personal bodyguard ( max. 1d6) armed in contravention of local law levels, excluding energy weapons.

Right to Bear Arms: Right to personal weapon in contravention of local law levels, excluding energy weapons at the GM's option.

Imperial Magistrate: The character has the power to dispense justice and issue pardons and stays for all crimes except treason. All rulings are subject to review and reversal.

Right of Immunity: Immunity from prosecution for all crimes except treason. The character may be expelled from the planet and declared persona non grata.