Aimed Fire and Hit Locations

Aimed Fire and Hit Locations

Classic Traveller contained rules for a very simple combat system. One of the details lacking was a hit location system. Such a system adds more detail to role playing, allowing a character to note that they "were wounded in the right elbow, and now it hurts whenever the weather changes" as opposed to "I took 6 points of damage". The system below is straight forward and simple. Whenever a character is injured, roll 2d6 to determine the general location and 1d6 to determine the specific location. If the organs are hit, the GM may allow a third 1d6 roll to determine the specific organ damaged.

In the case of NPCs who are injured, the GM may rule specific effects or multipliers as a result of damage to critical locations. This is not recommended for PCs.

This system was inspired by "On Target", written by Steve Cook.


Since this system allows for specific locations to be hit, the GM may elect to use aiming rules. When aiming, the attacker specifies the general location they are aiming for and adds the aiming penalty to their to hit roll. In the event of a hit, the attacker randomly rolls only the specific location for the area hit. Aimed misses are misses.


Head, Arms Legs: Self explanatory Upper Torso: The area from the top of the shoulder to the waist. Lower Torso: The area below the waist, including the hips, but not the legs.

Aiming Penalty
Head -4
Torso -2
Arms and Legs -3

Determining General and Specific Hit Locations

General Location (2d6)
2 Head
3-4 Right Leg
5 Right Arm
6 Upper Torso
7 Lower Torso
8 Upper Torso
9 Left Arm
10-11 Left Leg
12 Head
Specific Location Table (1d6)
Head Arms Upper Torso Lower Torso Legs
1 Eye Hand Heart Backbone Foot
2 Mouth Wrist Lungs Groin Ankle
3 Neck Forearm Backbone Left Hip Lower Leg
4 Ear Elbow Organs* Right Hip Knee
5 Nose Upper Arm General General Upper Leg
6 General Shoulder General General Upper Leg

General location means an area not listed as a specific location. In the case of all aread except the head, this typically means a flesh wound.

*Specific Organ (1d6)
1 Kidney
2 Liver
3 Stomach
4 GI Tract
5 Artery
6 Spleen

Location Probability Distribution

This table is include for those interested in the distribution of wounds over the body that results from the General Location table above.
Head 5.6% 5.6%
Right Arm 11.1% 22.2%
Left Arm 11.1%
Upper Torso 27.8% 44.4%
Lower Torso 16.7%
Right Leg 13.9% 25.6%
Left Leg 13.9%