The Motto of Regina: "Hey, it's none of my business."

Generally no one will feel compelled to intervene in a case of "mutual combat", including the police, unless there is substantial risk to initially uninvolved bystanders. They may see fit to arrest to loser of the altercation however, for disturbing the peace.

People who engage in rude or violent behavior should be prepared for a violent response from a Regina resident. In it's most severe form this is referred to as a "Regina Suicide", which basically means that although someone else killed him, he 'needed killing'. Police will waste little of their resources investigating such a "crime", because a jury of "Regina peers" would never convict for such an offense if it went to trial.

Although recent police reforms have been enacted, bribery is still very common among officials on Regina. It's just slightly more subtle nowadays. You will get better service from the desk sergeant by making a donation to the "Police Widows and Orphans Guild" box in the corner of the room, etc.

If you are near a public eating establishment (or in one) don't feed the verbils. They will return to that location, again and again, with herds of their friends looking for another handout. This level of annoyance should only be caused by the free choice of the owner of the establishment!