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"The Canon"


Classic Traveller:

Supplement 3, The Spinward Marches, p. 20

The Regina System, map square #0310 A7888899 A Ri *

Data Star 1 2 3

7031M F7V M8D M6V

Book 6, Scouts, p. 54-55

"The Regina system is actually a triple star system - the primary Lusor and its dwarf companion Speck form the major system, while dim Darida orbits at about 5,000 AU distance. Regina is only one of seven worlds in the systems which boast a breathable atmosphere, and only one of four habitable planets in the life zone of Lusor, in orbit around the gas giant Assiniboia. With the best conditions of the group, it was settled first and soon dominated the system.

The Darida system proved much less hospitable, and has been only minimally exploited. It does boast a military outpost, and a few small settlements devoted to prospecting and mining available ores.

Regina was originally settled in 75 by an expansion wave of the Third Imperium. It soon became a trade center within the Spinward Marches, and was established capitol of its subsector when it joined the Imperium in 250.

There are three stars, eight planets and 17 satellites in the system.

Orbit   Name   UPP     Remarks
Primary   Lusor   F7V     DM companion in close orbit
0   Clement   Y100000 0    
1   Ausun   Y300169 9    
2   Burgund   Small GG      
  3 Cent   Y400367 9    
  7 Thermidor   Y560000 0    
3   Olybrius   F75022A 9    
  25 Alise   Y20016C 9    
*4   Assiniboia   Large GG      
  3 Redes   F595269 9   Farming
  6 Printemps   F20036C   A N  
  7 Brumaire   F564669 9   Farming. Colony.
  30 Harcourt   H43556C   A M Research Lab. Military Base. Colony.
  55 Regina   A788899   A A Rich world. Subsector capitol.
Companion   Darida   M6V      
*0   Augur   YS00000 0    
1   Kirunda   Y210000 0    
  8 Irkirka   YS00000 0    
  11 Arkurer   HS00137 9    
  13 Irgurkar   Y10046A   A  
2   Elazair   Small      
  3 Lashir   YS00000 0    
  8 Diuur Imar   G200269 9    
  9 Shamardae   Y500000 0    
  20 Arapan   Y200000 0    
  50 Edaku   Y210000 0    
  125 Gagamshir   F534328   A M Military Base"

Spinward Marches Campaign, p. 9

[The following is a very brief summary of information relating to Regina contained in this supplement]

Second Frontier War- Baron Caranda was left in control of Regina to cement its ties to the Imperium. Because of his services in the war, he was elevated to the rank of Marquis.

Fifth Frontier War- The declaration of war by the Zhodanis on the Imperium was simultaneously announced on Regina and Jewell. During that war the 193rd Fleet defended Regina for the Imperium against the Zhodani 40th Fleet. Duke Norris, who had a prior background in naval intelligence, believed that the Imperial strategy was being badly managed and appealed to the emperor for command of the Spinward Marches forces. Although Strephon issued a communiqué appointing Norris commander in chief of those forces, the order was initially lost on an interdicted world. Norris succeeded in recovering the orders, and having taken charge of the Imperial forces, engineered the Zhodani defeat. Emperor Stephon elevated Norris to Archduke on ____________. Shortly thereafter, on _________, Strephon was assassinated.

The 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment, the Duke of Regina's Own Huscarles- was founded with Imperial Marines. It is still possible for personnel on active Imperial military duty to be temporarily detached for service with this regiment. This is usually a mechanism to provide the regiment with instructors that have current combat experience and training. The regiment has served the Imperium on various planets, in each of the Frontier Wars since it's establishment.



Imperial Encyclopedia, p. 96

Spinward Marches, The Regina System Map #1910 A7888899 C Ri *

Data Star 1 2 3

7031M F7V M8D M6V

Lusor Speck Darida

Referee's Manual, p. 21

Note: other than the upgrade of the tech level to level C, the remainder of the system profile is the same as is listed above in the Classic Traveller version, so it will not be repeated here.


Digest Group Publications

Grand Survey


Date of Preparation: 195-1112
World Name: Regina
Location: Spinward Marches 1910
UPP: A788899-C

Physical Data
Diameter: 11,960 km
Density: 1.06 standard
Mass: 0.71 standard
Mean Surface Gravity: 0.93 g
Rotation Period: 25 hrs 31 min 37 sec
Orbital Period: 423.28 std days (GG - star)
160.08 std days (Regina - GG)
Seasons: Winter, Summer (80 days each)
Axial Tilt: 26 degrees 27' 32"
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0
Satellites: none
Surface Atm Pressure: 1.8 atm
Atm Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Atm Terraforming: No
Hyd Percentage: 82%
Hyd Composition: Water
Hyd Terraforming: No

Base Mean Surf Temp: 8.7 degrees C
Axial Tilt Modifiers: +15.6 C, -26 C
Rotation Modifiers: +5.2 C, -6.5 C
Latitude Modifiers: +/- 7 per hex row
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0
Weather Control: Yes
Grnhse Efft Terrafrmg: No
Abode Terraforming: No
Other Modifiers: None

Mapping Data
Nbr Tectonic Plates: 3
Native Life: Yes
Terrain Terraforming: No
Major Containents: 4
Minor Continents: 3 (7 major islands, 7 achipelagoes)
Major Oceans: World
Minor Oceans: World

Seismic Data
Stress Factor: 5
Notable Volcanoes: 6

Natural Resources: Agricultural, Ores, Gems, Petrochemicals
Processed Resources: Agricultural, Agroproducts, Alloys
Manufactured Products: Mechanical, Gravetics, Heavy Equipment,

Population & Ports
World Population: 725,000,000
Principle Cities: Credo, 90 million, A
Princeps, 70 million, A
Regni, 50 million, A
Kingsbury, 80 million, B
Corona, 60 million, B
Secondary Cities: 53 cities, circa 5 million, class F port
Tertiary Cities: 85 cities, circa 500 thousand, class H
Orbital Cities: 3 orbital complexes, circa 5000, class A
1 orbital complex, circa 500, class B&F

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Grand Census


Date of Preparation: 195-1112
World Name: Regina
Location: Spinward Marches 1910
UPP: A788899-C

Cultural Profile
Progressive-Attitude: Progrssive
Progressive-Action: Advancing
Aggressive-Attitude: Unaggressive
Aggressive-Action: Peaceable
Global Extent: Harmonious
Interstellar Extent: Friendly

Technology Profile
High Common: 12
Low Common: 10
Energy: 11
Computers/Robotics: 11
Communications: 11
Medical: 11
Environment: 11
Land Transport: 11
Water Transport: 11
Air Transport: 11
Space Transport: 13
Personal Weapons: 12
Heavy Weapons: 9

Government Division of Authority
Legislative: Demos
Executive: Elite council
Judical: Several councils

Law Level
Uniformity of Law: Undivided
Overall: 9
Criminal Law:
Civil Law:
Personal Freedom:

Local Customs: Reginans believe strongly in a "gleaning custom", where the lowest class citizens are expected to clean the tailings from a harvested field for much of their food supply.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Regina: This subsector capital is an impersonal bureaucracy. The government has three branches of government of which the judicial branch is most prominent. The judiciary is several councils, the executive is an elite council, and the legislative branch is demos.

With its law level of 9, and an impersonal bureaucratic court system, being arrested on Regina is unpleasant to say the least. Suspects are rounded up en masse when a crime has been committed, and it may be weeks after a trial has convicted one of them before the rest are finally cleared. Meanwhile, those arrested must report their whereabouts and activities to the police every two hours. Notwithstanding this inconvenience, trials are usually fair.

The executive branch consists of four persons chosen by lot. Each year, four citizens are chosen at random to share the over-sight of the government's administration. Each has veto power over the other, providing a check against tyranny at the cost of inefficiency and no small degree of confusion. Once a citizen has served in this capacity, he is ineligible to serve again.

The inhabitants of Regina as a whole make the laws for the world. Specific laws are proposed by the judicial and executive branches, and weekly elections are held to confirm or reject these laws. A complicated computer network is used to conduct these elections, and while in theory eve" law on the books or newly proposed is voted on, in fact citizens vote only on those laws most important to them. Unfortunately, it is easier to pass a new law than to repeal one. All native-born Reginans are eligible to vote in these plebiscites, with no other restrictions. This means that immigrants never have any voice in the government, but newborn babes, criminals, and the insane do, as long as they have Regina birth certificates.


GURPS Traveller

Traveller hardback, p. 52-53.

[Note: the information on the Regina system in this book is the same as above from CT, Book 6 and will note be repeated. The following information is added.]

"Regina boasts the highest population; its companion satellites of Brumaire and Harcourt (along with a few other lesser worlds) have been colonized. A few scientific and technical survey stations and a small military base maintained by the Imperial Navy occupy the relatively desolate Darida system.

Many planets orbiting Lusor (the primary star) and its dwarf companion Speck are named for persons or places associated with St. Regina. Worlds orbiting Darida (Lusor's far companion) are named in the Vilani language after famous Vilani authors."