Non Player Characters

Photos and drawings of major NPCs (when available) along with biographical data available to player characters.

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Venue Personality
Regina Angela Hunter's girlfriend

Andrew Trygaer Mikie's late twin brother

Captain Midnight Hacker extrordinaire.

Christine Black Local bad girl.

Claire Blaelok's former administrative assistant. Now the coroner's admin person. And...?

Falcon Delgado Diplomat

"Grandma" Kirby Confidant, jewell thief, grav-ball coach, nun.

Gino "Big G" Scalese union president and crime boss

Jason Roberts former pirate and brothel owner

Mercer Black Director of Regina Security

Peter Corbet-Bell Renowned big game hunter, and owner of the Club Zambezi.

Reid Darcy Husband of Anders Jorgenson, security for Claridges.

Seymore Globber Commissioner of Police

Tabasco Jack organ-legger godfather and snake collector

Theodore Rutledge Ex-President of the Regina Senate

Theresa Griffin (née Blake) Mikie's late wife

The Weseli Family

MegaCorps Anton Solati SuSAG

Jacques Solati SuSAG

Gerhardt Stern Stermetal Horizons, LIC

Joshua P. Stern Menorb Mining Company

Jack Armstrong Ling Standard Security

Imperium Admiral Paolo Astridi Archduke of Deneb

Grand Admiral William Grey Duke of Rhylanor

Field Marshal John Collingwood Former Governor of Regina and Duke Presumptive

Caroline "Bunny" Delgado Widow of the late John Collingwood. Wife of Will Delgado.

Claude D'Aubisson Aesthete

Dirk Savage Actor

Countess Katarina Androchev Wife of Lt. Gen. Viktor Androchev.

Cpl Ezbeki

Seargent-Major McLafferty

Zhodani General Karel Zuluk
Solomani Christopher Blaelok Late Solomani Ambassador to Rhylanor

Pamela Blaelok Late wife of Christoper Blaelok.

H. Duncan LaBland Late, former Solomani Consul to Regina

Veronica Liu Late Solomani Ambassador to Rhylanor

Sengi Grenic Trista Benier Alernica Relg, Lord Caldor Kaesthra

Lord Revok Kalarin dra Khardak, liege lord of rik-aler Charlotte Steiner

Elizabeth "Aeisheia" Bach Burke chosen one

General Rik Schaelik

Gvurrdon Imp. Lt. Gen. Francesca Marx Former Imperial Marine commander of the Spinward Frontier

Col. Samuel Taylor

Admiral Lisa Chang

Gvurrdon Vargrs Grand Commandant Norrgoervuldz

General Gorven