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Planet X

2001 | 2002

This page is for the use of the Referee or designate to maintain notes on the current game or campaign. Check here for what's been happening. Please note: When our evil GM takes a rest, the emergency backup GM will be indicated with green type.

18 Jan 02 - Return to Planet X.

01 Feb 02 - Down to the sea in ships. Okay, one ship. Danger and intrigue follow, per usual.

08 Feb 02 - A new quest!

09 Feb 02 - Meeting new and interesting people, learning about their culture.

15 Feb 02 - Dining al fresco, with the locals. (Perhaps "al fresco" means something different here?)

22 Feb 02 - Natives, jungle, drums, more natives, guns, angry tourists.

23 Feb 02 - She was such a nice quiet girl.