Martels are a race of intelligent bipeds derived from Terrran rodents. In appearance they resemble a large Terran hamster. The Martel Concordiat, with it's capitol of Rykriestava, is sandwiched between the Spinward Marches, the Zhodani Consulate and the Aslan Heirate. The Concordiate is a loose federation consisting of some 35 worlds.

Martels are somewhat small by human standards, ranging from 1 to 1.3 meters in height and massing an average of 25 kilograms. Martels, however, are exceedingly dextrous and their keen minds are unsurpassed when dealing with statistical problems.

Martel society is based purely on the ability of the individual. The individuals' social standing is determined entirely by his or her contribution to society, thus Martels have no nobility. This contribution may come from military service, achievement in business, acclaim in that arts and sciences, or any other field of endeavor.

Martels (off their homeworlds) are most often encountered as merchants and bureaucrats. Their affinity for contracts, red tape and money have made them the scourge of Imperial space. Martels are generally materialistic and legalistically minded. With the exception of the Martels in the military, a Martels' word (verbal promise) is worthless, "his contract is his bond".

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